Striscia di PVC: Tutto quello che c'è da sapere

We all are familiar with weather stripping or seal strips and their functions. We also understand its importance in various applications. PVC strip seals are one of the most popular items here. They contribute to a lot of uses where cost and efficiency are necessary. The manufacturing process of these seal strips is simple, like other extrusion processes. Above all, PVC strip seals are an excellent choice if you need a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Like other seal strips, flexible plastic strip seals also have some basic categories. You may find PVC strip seals in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. The primary purpose of these seal strips is to prevent dust, insects, noise, drafts, and contaminants from entering inside.

They offer many benefits. They regulate temperature by preventing heat loss or gain. As a result, they are valuable in maintaining energy efficiency. These seal strips also enhance workplace safety by controlling air movement. Therefore, it prevents the spread of airborne particles and reduces the risk of accidents. Consequently, it is essential to learn the fundamentals of PVC seal strips. It would help you find the most appropriate product for your project.  

This article aims to provide an overview of PVC seal strips, their different types, and their applications. It educates readers about the benefits and uses of PVC strip seals in various industries and settings.

What are PVC strip seals?

PVC strip seals are also famous as flexible plastic strips or plastic weather stripping. It is a flexible barrier made from polyvinyl chloride material. Like other rubber seals, PVC strip seals are prevalent in different sealing applications. It seals the gap between windows, doors, and other openings. They are designed to create a barrier against air, water, dust, and noise infiltration. Above all, it improves energy efficiency and overall comfort within a space.

The high-quality PVC material is durable, flexible, and resistant to weathering, UV rays, and chemical exposure. PVC strip seals are excellent and resistant to different weather conditions. It might include temperature fluctuations, moisture, and sunlight exposure. Although, PVC strip seals are not ideal for extreme weather conditions. They also provide thermal insulation that reduces heat loss or gain through gaps in doors and windows. Finally, PVC strip seals are easy to install.

Although PVC strip seals are great for many applications, they have some limitations. These weather strippings are less durable than rubber weather stripping. They may wear out over time and require replacement. PVC strip seals may not offer a wide range of decorative options.

However, despite these drawbacks, PVC strip seals are a popular choice due to their cost-effectiveness. It is also preferred for its ease of installation and effectiveness. It plays a significant role in energy efficiency and comfort in buildings.

Types of PVC strip seals

PVC strip seals come in various types with specific requirements and applications. This section overviews the different kinds of PVC strip seals available. It also highlights their features, benefits, and typical uses. We have classified PVC strip seals into four primary types based on different usage.

PVC edging strips

Edge trim PVC strip seals typically provide a protective and decorative edge finish. They offer versatility in applications from the automotive to furniture and manufacturing industries. We have further divided these edge trims into four types based on different applications. Let’s explore the different types of edge trim and their features:

Flexible Plastic Edge Trim For Car Door Window

This type of edge trim is specifically designed for automotive applications. It offers a clean and finished look to car doors and windows. It serves as a protective barrier for the edges of the window glass. As a result, it prevents water, dust, and debris from entering the vehicle. Besides, this flexible plastic material allows easy installation. They ensure a secure fit around the window edges, providing a seamless appearance.

Applications: Flexible plastic edge trim is prevalent in many applications, especially automobiles. Cars, campers, trucks, and boats are some noteworthy examples. It fits popular brands like Ford, Hillman, Land Rover, BMW, and Mercedes Benz. The high-quality rubber feet offer easy replacement.

PVC Decorative Edge Trim

These seal strips serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. It typically improves the appearance of edges on various surfaces. PVC decorative edge trim comes in various colors, patterns, and finishes. They are made of PVC with metal clip inserts. It is also popular as an edge protector, protection profile, trim seal, etc. Simply, it is the finishing of unfinished edges. Moreover, it also protects them from wear and damage and enhances the overall appearance of the application.

Applications: These strips are prevalent in interior design, retail displays, and exhibition setups.

PVC Plastic Edge Trim

These seal strips are also famous for various applications. Their physical structure is simple. They are easy to install and maintain. Plastic edge trims also offer flexibility that allows for easy installation. It is important to note that PVC plastic edge trim adapts to various shapes and sizes.

Applications: PVC plastic edge trim is prevalent in manufacturing, construction, and transportation. It protects the sharp edges of materials like metal or glass. Moreover, it prevents injuries and damage.

PVC Edging Strip With Steel Core

These PVC strip seals are also famous as edge protectors, edge protection profiles, or trim seals. Like PVC plastic edge trim, they also finish unfinished edges excellently. However, they enhance durability and stability. As a result, they are ideal for heavy-duty applications. 

Applications: PVC edging strip with steel core is famous in industrial applications. Since it provides high-impact or heavy-duty edge protection, it is popular in other fields also. Machinery, equipment, and workstations are other PVC strip seal applications.


Seal strips or weather stripping is crucial to seal gaps and joints in windows, doors, and cabinets. It provides insulation and protection against elements. There are different types of PVC weather stripping are available. Based on various applications, we have categorized the following types.

PVC Strip For Glass Door

These PVC strip doors come with individual internal metal clips and gripping tongues. Like PVC plastic edge trim, these seal strips provide a stronger grip. These parts of the stip eliminate preparatory and follow-up works. Above all, it also enhances the overall effectiveness of decoration.

Applications: PVC door seal strips find applications in various industries and settings. These include commercial buildings, residential properties, industrial facilities, and electronics.

PVC Strip For Cabinet

These PVC strip seals are prevalent in cabinets to seal gaps between the cabinet doors and frames. The PVC strip for the cabinet is specially designed for noise reduction. Like other PVC seals, they also prevent dust and insects from entering the cabinet. They come in various sizes and designs based on your specific use.

Applications: It is commonly used in kitchen cabinets, office cabinets, and other storage units.

PVC Strips For Windows

These seal strips are specially designed for windows to seal gaps between window sashes and frames. PVC window strips improve thermal insulation by preventing air leakage. It also reduces heat transfer. They also minimize noise infiltration and block drafts. Above all, it enhances overall comfort.

Applications: These seal strips are popular in residential and commercial buildings to seal gaps.

PVC Automotive Rubber Strips

These flexible plastic strip seals also come with individual internal metal clips and gripping tongues. They eliminate preparatory and follow-up work. PVC automotive rubber strips also contribute to the overall insulation of the vehicle. It enhances energy efficiency and passenger comfort.

Applications: These PVC strips are applied in vehicles to seal gaps, reduce noise, and prevent water and dust infiltration.

Customized PVC strips

These PVC strip seals offer tailored solutions for specific applications. Like other strip seals, they are also designed for protection, sealing, and aesthetic enhancements. Here are some examples of customized PVC strips:

  • Machine Boat Sharp Edge Protective PVC Seal: This type of PVC strip seal is prevalent for sharp edges on a machine. It prevents accidents and injuries and maintains the integrity of the machine.
  • Aluminium Curtain Wall PVC Trim: These PVC strip seals are used with aluminum curtain walls. They provide a clean and finished appearance to the edges of the curtain wall system.
  • Black Hollow PVC Plastic Seal: This PVC strip seal is specially designed to seal gaps in equipment or enclosures. Its hollow construction allows for compression and flexibility.
  • H-Shape PVC Seal For Truck Van Door: This H-shape PVC seal is commonly used in truck and van doors. It also acts as a weatherstripping seal, preventing water, dust, and drafts from entering the vehicle’s cargo area.

PVC Protect tubes

Black PVC protect tubes are prevalent in various applications requiring protection and insulation. These tubes are designed to cover and shield vulnerable components. It also protects wires or cables from potential damage, such as abrasion, impact, or environmental factors.


This article discussed the different types of PVC strip seals. It included edge trim and weatherstripping, along with their applications and advantages. PVC plastic strips play a significant role in various industries. It provides protection, insulation, and aesthetic enhancements. They contribute to energy efficiency, safety, and durability of products and structures.

Seeking professional assistance when selecting and installing them is also important. It ensures proper fit and functionality. Consulting experts in the field can help address specific requirements. As a result, the system can optimize the effectiveness of PVC strip seals in different applications.

Overall, PVC strip seals are versatile and practical solutions. It has become integral to modern industries, offering a range of benefits and applications.